Super Mario Run is a smartphone gaming application. It was first unveiled by Miyamoto, CEO of Nintendo at Apple keynote 2016. It was launched firstly for iOS and then Android. It is based on the old school Mario Video Game but the Game looks a lot different when played in phones thanks to the new graphics and touch control. It is a free to download game though to play the whole game you need to get in-app purchases. Currently, Super Mario Run(SMR) allows LEVEL 1 to be played freely but to play LEVEL 2 and beyond the player must purchase in-app purchases. This is something a lot of players don’t expect and like. SMR is the first Nintendo game launched for mobiles and also first to be able to run on non-ninetendo hardware. SMR requires all players to buy in app purchases worth of $10 to unlock all levels of Mario. But now that you have come here and read that’s not necessarily.

We have devised a cheat through which any player can hack and unlock all levels of SMR. SMR has a total of 24 levels divided into 6 worlds meaning each world has 4 levels. Super Mario Run comes with first world unlocked and the remaining 5 worlds have to be unlocked by app purchases. After completing World 6, 9 new worlds unlock one by one. these worlds have one level for each and are referred to as star worlds. There are others characters also in the game to unlock which is also done by purchases. A total of 11 characters have been added as of version 2. As you clear all worlds and levels the enemy also unlock by default.

The Working

The cheat which we have devised makes all your levels unlocked with spending a dime. The cheat makes changes into the architecture of the game. Like all programs in this world the SMR also is made up of strings of programming codes. These codes can be changed to make things work according to your wish. You can change the codes to go from Level 1 to Level 3 or any other level you wish of. Just like that we can change the codes which lets you direct access to the unlocked levels and characters without paying any money.
We have created a program SMR Hack which lets you to remove all money access barriers from this game. All you have to do is save the program in your computer or on the android device and press the Executed button. Once you press the execute button the program will make necessary changes to architecture of the game to make the game barrier free.


The program can be used into your computer( Windows/Mac OS ) or Android smartphone. Apple users are required to run the program using their computer as apple doesn’t allow downloading and using out of app store applications in their devices.

Apple Devices (iOS)
People playing Super Mario Run are required to save and open the program on their Mac/ Windows PC. Then connect the iPhone or iPad using the data cable to the Mac/PC. After the Super Mario Run Hack program detects the device. Click on the execute button and let the whole process complete. It will be completed in not more than 5mins. Make sure the iTunes is closed when using the program.

Android users need to save and install the program in their phone. They need to make sure they have authorized third party app installation. If you haven’t then watch video below to enable third party installations.

Once installed open the app and touch on execute button. It will be completed under 5mins.

Now it is done. All you have to do is open the SMR and play enjoying the complete levels. Make sure you do not update the application. If you do by mistake then repeat the whole hack process again!